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    Childhood Obesity

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    For the family of an obese child, *should* the whole family go on the same diet together? Research suggests this is highly effective. What are pros and cons of both sides? If the best plan *is* for the whole family to go on a diet together, what do you think would be the payoff (why and what) the rest of the family who is already able to keep weight off? Should they have to hide their periodic trips to McDonalds?

    I am looking for a jumpstart of sorts. I am looking for original ideas/opinions (not research-I have that) that would be a comprehensive way to deal with this problem.

    Ultimately, I am looking for at least a couple pages so I can get the reasoning behind your opinion.

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    Childhood obesity is a pertinent issue as the number of obese adults and children in America is on the rise. As you say you have the research and hopefully the stats on the problem I will stick to addressing your question. If you find yourself lacking information do not hesitate to contact me.

    Research has shown that a nutritious diet with set total calories combined with a maximum fat and simple carbohydrate intake in addition to regular physical activity is the key to weight control. Unfortunately the diets of children are influenced by those around them. It is inordinately difficult to isolate a child within a household to a specific diet while those around them are eating the very things they are from restrict. Although the child may be obese odds are that the whole family can benefit from improved nutrition and should support the child by participating in the improved nutritional habits. The benefits of having a family diet is that the child will not be tempted by unhealthy foods being in the household. Family diets create a change in the home environment that puts an emphasis on healthy habits making it easier for the obese child to change his or her habits. It also creates a supportive environment for the child since the family will be taking on the issue together. The disadvantage of a family diet is convincing the entire family to actively participate. It may be difficult for other children and parents even to change their habits as needed to assist the obese child. This lack of willingness to participate often reflects a lack of education that can hopefully be ...

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    Several paragraphs and web references examining childhood obesity and ways to remedy this epidemic.