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    Example of a Food Diary and Analysis of Eating Habits

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    Enter your food intake for a full day. Be sure to save this information as directed in the instructions. Write a paper that answers the following questions about your diet for this week's entry. It is fine to write this food journal in the 1st person perspective.
    a) How do you feel about the dietary intake for the day you recorded?
    b) Did you consume the recommended minimum number of servings from each of the food groups of the food pyramid?
    c) Which groups of foods are underrepresented or overrepresented in your diet? If you did not consume the number of servings from each group, discuss some reasons why you did not consume the number of servings.
    d) Did your diet provide an adequate variety of foods, or were your choices monotonous? See how you met the various food pyramid groups. If you did not eat a variety of foods, how can you expand your field of choices?

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    a) This is very much a personal answer as to how you feel about your intake. I would say you certainly didn't eat near enough food for starters and several food groups are under-represented.
    b) No.
    c) Milk, fruits, vegetables and meats are under-represented while grains are slightly over represented. The reasons are your own but are likely due ...

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    The solution includes an example of a food diary with analysis of foods eaten compared to recommended daily intake.