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    Changing Social Forces Related to Eating Habits and Cars

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    Review the attached on the changing social forces related to eating habits and automobiles. What steps can a firm take to make sense of complex and sometimes conflicting trends in social forces such as these?

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    Consumer preferences and trends in purchasing often send mixed messages to producers. For
    example, food shoppers want exotic and rich desserts but also want foods that are low in calories, high
    in fiber, and healthier. Trends in new fad diets like Atkins and South Beach come and go quickly. It can
    be difficult for food producers to keep up with such trends. The best way to meet demand and maintain
    profit levels is to keep up with trends and preferences. However, simply keeping up with trends and
    preferences is not enough. It requires careful segmentation of different market segments by
    demographics such as age, economic status, gender, and lifestyle. Proper segmentation is necessary
    for producers with a ...

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    The solution discusses changing social forces related to eating habits and cars.