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    Nursing Research Methods

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    Nursing Research and Nursing Practice

    What are the theoretical and practical importance of using nursing research findings to improve nursing practice? What are some strategies that can be used to motivate and persuade nurses to use research findings in their nursing practice setting?

    Nursing Resources Knowledge and Evidence-based Practice

    I need help on this! It does not need to be long as I just need direction to get me started. Thanks. Explore & discuss Sigma Theta Tau International (http://www.nursingsociety.org/default.aspx) and AHQR (http://www.ahrq.gov)and provide at least two important benefits of each resource in regards to research and evidence based

    Nursing Requirements and Qualifications

    What are the pros and cons of requiring a nurse to have a BSN for entry into practice? Is the MSN necessary for the advanced practice role? Do all states require the MSN? Please help me answer these questions.

    Scientific misconduct

    Describe and discuss the impact of scientific misconduct on nursing knowledge. Include any prior experiences or examples of how scientific misconduct would impact nursing knowledge.

    Health care organization

    Please help me get started with this assignment: Part I - The Organization Without revealing proprietary information, please describe (St. Joseph's Health Center (in about 1/2 a page). Part II - What do you think? In your organization there are of course groups. In about 3 pages, please explain: Which of th

    Nursing ratios brochure

    The information does not need to be in brochure format. I appreciate any help with this information. Develop a brochure, which reflects the controversial issues of the mandated nurse-patient ratios. You can use the brochure template available in Word (Microsoft Publisher is NOT allowed). California is a good example, if you

    Quantitative/Qualitative Research

    This solution is for a graduate nursing research course in which I need help with the following question: If a researcher didn't mention the method in his/her article, how could you tell which of the 2 methods(quantitative/qualitative) s/he used? Please explain.

    Qualitative research and transferability of findings

    This solution is for a graduate level nursing research course in which I need your guidance in understanding the following question: Since the goal of qualitative research is transferability rather than generalizability, what would you look for in a qualitative research report to assist you to make decisions about the transfe

    Leadership Style

    "The conductor, a magical figure for the audience, enjoys a leadership mystique of significant magnitude...But vanity and tyranny are prevalent in the music world even in these enlightened times, and the picture of orchestral musicians as infantile and submissive, caught between willful conductors, insensitive management, and hy

    An ethics scenario is assessed.

    You are working on a transplant unit. Patients on your unit are usually in their 20's and 30's and receive the transplant as a result of a long-term congenital condition. Prognosis is good for a "normal" life expectancy with a variety of expensive medications and medical follow-up. Because of the nature of their chronic condi

    Implications of Scientific Misconduct

    What are the implications of dishonesty or scientific misconduct for the findings from research studies? This is a nursing research class. I have licensure in several states, but my primary licensure state is Kentucky. I thought it may vary from state to state?? Thanks for your guidance in this question. I am terrible at se

    Research Questions

    1. Descriptive research is the exploration and description of phenomena in real life situations. A research problem was identified as follows: Teenage girls have different perceptions of teenage pregnancy. A high school health education class is being designed by the school nurse. The nurse would like to know what the views of t

    Roy and Roger Theorists

    What are some similarities and differences in how Rogers and Roy define person, environment, and health? How might these similarities and differences change or influence your practice. ** My practice is teaching nursing students. Thanks for your guidance!

    Nursing curriculum content

    In your practice area, what trends do you anticipate influencing curriculum content and structure in the next decade?