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Key Values of Organizational Culture

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Hello, what are 2 key values of organizational culture within a hospital and how can it have an impact of team collaboration?

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Interesting question! Not everyone agrees to which values are the key values, but let's look at some commonly discussed values in the health care literature, ehich you can consider for this question.

The essence of organizational culture is illustrated very simply as "the way that we do things around here"[16]. http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid=1480353. "Basically, organizational culture is the personality of the organization. Culture is comprised of the assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs (artifacts) of organization members and their behaviors. Members of an organization soon come to sense the particular culture of an organization. Culture is one of those terms that's difficult to express distinctly, but everyone knows it when they sense it. For example, the culture of a large, for-profit corporation is quite different than that of a hospital which is quite different that that of a university. You can tell the culture of an organization by looking at the arrangement of furniture, what they brag about, what members wear, etc. -- similar to what you can use to get a feeling about someone's personality" (http://www.managementhelp.org/org_thry/culture/culture.htm).

The organizational culture within a hospital is bound by expertise and training e.g., medical doctors and nurses work as a team together with management (or not). However, subcultures around ...

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This solution discusses 2 key values of organizational culture within a hospital and how it can have an impact of team collaboration.

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