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    Nursing Research Methods

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    Intermittent Versus Indwelling Catheters for Older Patients

    Looking to answer the following questions based on the article attached. 1. What type of sampling strategy is used? Is it appropriate for the study? 2. What is the sample size? How was it determined? Was attrition or retention of study participants an issue?

    Trends Impacting Education and Research

    Dr. Susan, I need help with the following topic on education and research. Thank you. Case5. Trends Impacting Education and Research? Based on the Case and SLP assignment. Analyze and evaluate the two most salient trends impacting education and research. Use the format below (a paragraph of each) Trend A. Identify I

    Understanding Mental Retardation

    I need to perform a Literature Review as it relates to Mental Retardation: Problem, Issues, or Educational Deficit Sample Format Name Author, and year of book and the summarize of each section 1) Summary of Article: 2) Research Elements: Design, Methods, Population, Strengths, Limitations: 3) Outcome(s):

    Barriers or challenges to research utilization.

    Discuss some of the barriers or challenges to research utilization that exists in your work setting or practice. In addition, discuss what the advantages would be for using a research-based approach to problem resolution in your organization/practice.

    External Forces in Nursing and Healthcare Organizations

    What external forces affect nursing and health care organizations? How does the external environment affect strategic management in the health care industry? How might changes in the external environment alter strategic initiatives? How might factors of the external environment shape a consensus or create conflict be

    Research study articles for nursing

    What specific peer-reviewed journals do you look for in reference to a research study article? Why typically wouldn't journals such as Nursing 2011 or AJN have actual research study articles, but instead include plain journal articles that reference the article from a research perspective?

    Concept analysis to examine the concept of nursing

    Nursing as a science and an art has a unique perspective on patient interaction, as opposed to the profession of medicine. In performing a concept analysis, examine the attributes and activities that make nursing a unique profession from the perspectives of a doctoral prepared Nurse researcher; Nurse educator and Nurse Practitio

    Evidence-Based Nursing

    What are some differences and commonalities between nursing research and evidence-based nursing practices? What is the advanced practice nursing role in evidence-based nursing?

    Critical Thinking for Health Care Professionals

    Suppose that you work as a charge nurse in the labor and delivery department at a hospital. One of the nurses under your supervision claims that some nurses do not receive adequate training to deliver babies. She also asserts that there are not enough nurses working each shift to handle the number of mothers entering the labor

    Nursing Research

    A. What are the three most common quantitative research designs? What are some potential research questions that would be used in each type of design? B. What is the difference between cross-sectional and longitudinal designs?

    Nursing Research Types

    1) The three types of qualitative research are phenomenological, grounded theory, and ethnographic research. What are the differences and similarities between the three types of studies? 2) Qualitative data has been described as voluminous and sometimes overwhelming to the researcher. In what ways could a researcher manage an

    Identify and evaluate three nursing leadership theories.

    Identify and evaluate three nursing leadership theories that can be used to guide the nursing leadership role in complex organizations based on standards of excellence. What makes the three you chose most useful in practice? Please cite peer reviewed resources.

    Allocating resources

    Justify allocating resources for these initiatives in order to obtain Magnet status. 1.Converting all current policies and procedures for the organization to evidence based policies and procedures. 2. Establishing a nursing council with representatives from each unit to participate in shared decision-making and development

    Observational-Qualitative research

    Observational research often provides the foundation for further exploration of a topic. It is frequently used when conducting a preliminary research study to better describe a problem. Many researchers conduct observational studies that then lead to more in depth and larger experimental projects. It is an important form of qual

    Learning strategies are briefly explicated.

    Please use one reference. Which learning strategies -- reflective journaling, literature search, meetings, interviews, workshops, shadowing, and working with a mentor -- do you think are the most valuable for your practicum and why? Would you apply the strategies in a certain sequence? If so, what would it be and why?

    The Importance of Variables In Research

    I'm analyzing a research article titled ' application and evaluation of a caring code in clinical nursing education' where the purpose of the study is to determine if a 'caring code' (a specific teaching modality that teaches caring to students) has an effect on the students caring behaviors. Nursing students are randomly selec

    Articles on Childhood Asthma

    Identify a research topic that you intend to investigate and write about as an evidence-based practice report Project Topic such as COPD, Asthma, Cancer or other health topics) ii) Create a list of at least 5-8 references (at least 4 must be primary research from peer-reviewed journals) on your topic of interest. iii) Create a