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    Asthma in Children

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    Identify a research topic that you intend to investigate and write about as an evidence-based practice report Project Topic such as COPD, Asthma, Cancer or other health topics)
    ii) Create a list of at least 5-8 references (at least 4 must be primary research from peer-reviewed journals) on your topic of interest.
    iii) Create an annotated bibliography for your references.

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    Asthma in Children

    Braback, L & Forsberg, B. (2010). [Commentary on] does traffic exhaust contribute to the development of asthma and allergic sensitization in children: Findings from recent cohort studies. Alternative Medicine Review, 15, 311.

    Rates of asthma in children have been climbing in the last decades mostly due to the increasing environmental exposures. Among these pollutants are pet dander, molds, smoking and treatments of carpeting and cabinetry. One of the most hazardous contacts is traffic exhaust. This article reviewed 13 different studies relating traffic pollution to the effect of respiratory symptoms in children. Results of the studies indicated that even in healthy children the rise of respiratory changes was evident when exposed to road traffic that was long term or high risk. Exhaust exposure in asthmatic children was even worse with exacerbating the symptoms with increased emergency department visits, hospitalizations and using more of their prescription medications. The lessons learned were that children with potential symptomatic asthma may do better if they lived in an environment with less exhaust exposure.

    Briones, K., Lustik, F. & LaLone, J. (2010). Could it be asthma? Using social marketing strategies to increase parent and caregiver knowledge of asthma symptoms in children in a rural community. Health Promotion Practice, 11, 859-66.

    Caregivers of children are often not taught to look for the signs and symptoms of asthma. Even when given a diagnosis, proper teaching regarding prevention techniques do not take a priority when a sick child is admitting for emergent care. One rural community in New York State took the opportunity to teach their population how to take steps to prevent asthma attacks in their children. Asthma is the leading cause of absenteeism in schools. Although there is no cure for asthma, it can be managed. A simple thing such as a cough may be a precursor to worse things to come. Parents need to look for wheezing night coughs and a feeling of tightness in the chest. This community used a grant to create a multimedia campaign with television spots, posters, workshops and educational ...

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