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    The difference between cross-sectional and longitudinal designs

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    A. What are the three most common quantitative research designs? What are some potential research questions that would be used in each type of design?

    B. What is the difference between cross-sectional and longitudinal designs?

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    Quantitative research involves measuring a relationship between variables. The independent
    variable is applied to produce an outcome, or dependent variable. Three of the most common
    quantitative designs are: Observation studies; correlation research; and survey research (Leedy &
    Ormrod, 2010). In quantitative research the observation study generally focuses on a single behavior
    and quantifies the behavior either using a rating scale or by measuring the number of occurrences. A
    question that may be suitable for a quantitative observation study may measure the number of times a
    patient calls for medication instructions within a certain age group or within a specific disease category
    (ie: patients newly diagnosed with Type II Diabetes). Another suitable question may ...

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    The difference between cross-sectional and longitudinal designs is clearly discussed.