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    Nursing Research Methods

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    Analysis of quantitative research is achieved.

    I am having problems trying to identify 2 threats to internal validity and external validity of the study design of this research article. I am also trying to determine what the extraneous variables of the study are and what measures were used to control them for this research article.

    Scientific Method

    Discuss the scientific method. What are its key components? How was this method developed and is it something that can be realistically used in everyday life?

    Switching to Computer-Based Medical Records

    As an advocate for the switch to computer-based medical records. Your boss has asked you to address the following information: How electronic health records help practices offer better options for Continuity Communication Coordination Accountability What information will the EHRs include? Although you are an

    Nursing documentation help

    Give several examples or explain. This is a nurse working in same day surgery area caring for veterans.

    Compare & Contrast Mission/Philosophy Statements

    Compare and contrast the mission statement & philosophy of "The Centre" (attached) related to nursing practice(s) with the mission and philosophy statement of the "Ottawa University" (attached)an educational institution.

    Annotated Bibliography

    Can you help me with really finding some great pieces for this research problem? I needed 24 but have only found 8. TASK: Create an annotated bibliography of 12 articles based on your problem statement and sub-problems--that will/can become part of your Applied Dissertation literature review. Outcome: Submit the first

    Benefits of a literature review in an applied dissertation

    Can you help me to garner some thoughts for this assignment? Thanks. The following list includes potential benefits of conducting a literature review: Pick two and describe their importance to your Applied Dissertation. Here is my problem statement and sub-problems: Problem Statement: The purpose of this study i

    Yoga benefits

    A nurse researcher wants to study the effects of yoga on blood pressure in hypertensive adults? What is the purpose of this study. Based on the purpose what type of study design might be used and why

    Nursing research

    Can someone please tell me how to find a reference article? I have a great article to work with and my instructor wants me to look at the references at the END of the article and find three of those articles online. I have tried everything. How do I look up a reference at the end of a journal article and get the complete article

    Nursing leadership problem

    Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words. Identify and briefly discuss two challenges to leadership development in nursing. Provide at least

    Research Article Critique paper

    Please include the following: Descriptive Vividness, Methodological Congruence, Analytical and Interpretative Preciseness, Philosophical and Theoretical Connectedness, Heuristic Relevance, Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses Use of Findings in nursing practice and evidence of critical thinking. Please see the attachment

    Cultural Competence

    A. Define culturally competent care appropriate for your own workplace (a hospital in the Midwest), based on your assigned readings. b. Identify the populations served and any issues of population vulnerability. c. Comment on standards of cultural competence that appear to be met and any that are not met d. Identify pot

    Research and IRB

    Can someone please help with this response. I need to answer ONE of the following questions and I am at a loss. I cannot find many informative references to arrive at a conclusion. It does not need to be a long answer, just a good starting point. --------------- You are conducting a randomized clinical trial to evaluate a

    Statistical Significance vs Significance of Study

    Please identify the difference between statistical significance and significance of a study. Then present an example of each (statistical significance and significance of the study) from a QUANTITATIVE study. What are the value of the research results? What kind of studies contribute to nursing knowledge development and r

    Orem's model is assessed.

    How would you introduce Orem's Self Care Theory into the ambulatory setting and what external forces would impact the introduction of Orem's theory into this practice area? This specific patient example is a young woman who denies the cause of her pregnancy, not accepting the diagnosis and then ultimate termination of the pregna

    Nurse Conceptual Model

    Describe what a nursing conceptual model is and what it means to you. What are the steps you would use in analyzing a conceptual model to determine if it is a model you would choose to apply in the clinical setting? Which classifications of nursing theory are most easily applicable and testable in the clinical setting and why?