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    Creating a Nursing Practicum Learning Contract

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    As part of a MSN nursing practicum, a nurse decided to do a Quality Assurance program for a privately owned Canadian clinic that does pharmaceutical clinical research. For the practicum, the nurse puts together a learning contract which was attached for any additional recommentations.

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    The nurse practicum learning contract is well done for a nurse clinical research coordinator position. It includes learning objectives on the understanding of quality assurance as directive for change in the clinical setting, operating procedures, audit system and application of protocols for change based on research and nursing initiatives with its corresponding learning resources/strategies and evidence of accomplishments.

    My recomendations are:
    Learning objective #1 under Evidence of Accomplishments 1b.
    The proposed accomplishment is stated as "Positive view on the benefits of applying QA in the workplace setting". The ...

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    A draft of a nursing practicum learning contract for a quality assurance program is submitted for recomendations. Recomendations are given regarding formatting questions and data gathering protocol.