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    Creating Goals and Objectives for Patient Relations Program Specific to Women's Healthcare

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    This solution is for a graduate level nursing practicum course. My organization currently has a consumer relations department that deals with various concerns and patient care services is captured under this department but I am currently working in the women's healthcare division where we are currently working on changing practices to a more family centered care model, of which I believe needs its own patient care services department to focus on this populations specific needs.

    The role of an Administrator of patient care services provides a centralized and consistent patient resource and grievance mechanism to ensure quality patient care and ensure patient's rights are being upheld while minimizing potential liability to the hospital. In addition, this role performs as an administrative resource to staff, patients, and families, not to mention provides front line Risk Management for potential liability and quality / patient safety issues, plus manages medical-ethical matters for patients, their families and staff. I need help in developing goals and objectives to Coordinating/Creating a patient relations program specific to women's healthcare services. What would you recommend?

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