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Health Care Ethics

Ethical Dilemmas

What are the ethical dilemmas arising from inadequate provision of health care to certain groups?

The Terri Schiavo case

I am just curious of other opinions since its a hot item and I had a hard enough time putting my dogs down. This is a good example of what can happen if you don't have a living will put together. I am very perplexed on my own feelings and thoughts because I am both a mother and spouse. What do you think are the major issues i

Drug companies

How were Celebrex and Vioxx misrepresented by the drug companies in their clinical trials outcomes, the peer-reviewed published medical jounals' articles, and the published articles in the popular press such as newspapers, magazines and drug advertisements? How do you think these misrepresentations affected physicians and patien

Ethic theories & Physiicians

Please help me get started on the following questions: This is a case study (see attachment). After reading the case, use two medical ethic theories being utilitarianism, Kant, Ross, feminist or Aristotle, and show what the physician should do in this case justifying your answer with two theories. Give a small introduction t

Ethical principles in hospital budgeting

1. What are the ethical principles that should guide budget development? 2. If a department is consistently going over budget, yet the department's management is sound, what are some of the things that could be causing the problem?

Healthcare Finance Question

1. With respect to financing, what are the main differences between private health care insurance and government sponsored health care for persons over age 65 (Medicare)? 2. Financially, what kind of balance must health care organizations strike in providing care among private pay patients, government program patients and chari