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Patient Confidentiality and its Implications

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You are a bachelor level human services professional working as a therapeutic aide (mental health technician) in a community mental health center where you have a client who is 17. He reveals that he has a baby on the way with his current girlfriend; he asks you not to tell his parents about this. He lives with his parents and the girl lives with her parents - she has already told her parents and is receiving pre-natal care through her doctor, but she has refused to name the father. What factors would you need to know/consider to assist the client and address confidentiality issues? Would you consider breaking his confidentiality to his parents? To his girlfriend's parents?

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In a case like this, confidentiality laws would still apply. However, when dealing with individuals, especially minors who have engaged in behaviors that can affect other individuals/their parents, the best approach to use ...

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Patient confidentiality can be complex when dealing with underage adults. This solution discusses these implications.