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    Development of Law

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    Given that all healthcare providers:

    - Must comply with the laws that govern them.
    - Should uphold ethical standards set forth by, for example, professional associations.
    - Should act morally towards patients, and others whom they serve.

    Do you believe it is possible for a healthcare provider to act legally, but not ethically or morally? Support your position, and provide one example regarding minors' rights and confidentiality.

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    Healthcare providers are covered by a number of rules and regulations. Among these are the right to privacy and confidentiality. In the case of health information and minors the rules are different from state to state. As a provider, it is important to know the laws that cover the confidentiality of minors. When acting on behalf of a minor, it is important to ...

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    This 247 word solution discusses the ethical, moral and legal dilemma's that may arise regarding minors rights when seeking health care and includes a complete list of sources for reference.