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    Current Media Issue of Choosing Health Care

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    Find a current issue in a newspaper, magazine, or journal article relating to health care ethics. describe the issue and the population it most impacts, Identify any proposed solutions to issue, describe how the article used facts about the healthcare arena to support the issue and/or solutions. Use 3 apa sources.

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    In Health Freedom, Protecting The People's Right to Choose, Dian Freeman discusses the human right of one having the ability to treat or not treat our own health. The foundation of the article, noted in Natural Awakenings, July 2009 issue is that legislation on all levels (state, national and international) are continuing to legislate our health care choices.

    The point of reference is the heavy lobbying efforts of pharmaceutical, medical, and hospital interests.

    This author is especially enraged with notion that the government is taking steps to pass legislation requiring the dispensing of nutritional information solely to registered dietitians, reflecting the philosophies of the American Dietetic Association. Under this tenant, the legal cover would be on food, diet, supplements and weight loss. The grief comes from the prohibition of thousands of natural health practitioners and nutritionist from legally speaking, teaching and counseling in their current work.

    These bills have already been passed in 17 states according to the ADA eatright.org website. Nutritionists and other natural consultants in 29 states are spared the ADA restrictions because they offer a license for ...

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    Health Freedom, Protecting The People's Right to Choose discusses the right one has to treat or not treat ones own health is the current article review provided.