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health care problem

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In what ways is the health problem affected by the family, the economy, and the polity? What innovations could help ameliorate the health problem?

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By "health problem," I'm assuming you mean the health care problem, particularly in the U.S. that is currently a major hot button issue.

The health care problem, as you put it, is an issue mainly because of the high cost of insurance. If people do not have good jobs with benefits, they must seek out their own insurance. Often, people go without because they do not want to spend the money. People often do not see the doctor as regularly as they should because they do not have insurance. Then, when they do become very ill, the bills from health care can literally wipe them out. People in the U.S. can go bankrupt very quickly from high ...

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The health care problem, particularly in the U.S., is examined.

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