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Leadership in Health Services

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1. Please select a peer-reviewed journal and from it select an experimental research article that addresses the:
Leadership in Health Services any model or theory.

2. Identify this article's Problem Statement and Purpose Statement.

3. Summarize the Problem Statement in your own words and describe its relevance to the Purpose Statement.

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I located on article which is related to the "team approach" in leadership in health services, which is one way to solve the identified problem in the article: '"Family Physicians as Team Leaders: "Time" to Share the Care "by Yarnall, Østbye, Krause, Pollak, Gradison and Michener (2009).

The problem identified by the authors is insufficient time and state: "A major contributor to shortfalls in delivery of recommended health care services is lack of physician time." As a backdrop for this study, their previous studies found that primary care physicians do not have enough time to deliver all the preventive and chronic disease services recommended in national clinical care guidelines. They concluded that "time constraints limited the ability of physicians to comply with preventive services recommendations" ...

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Regarding an article on leadership in healthcare, this solution assists in identifying the problem statement and purpose statement. It summarizes the problem statement and describes its relevance to the purpose statement. References are provided in APA format.