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    Leadership in Nursing theories, behaviors

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    1. Conduct a review of the literature focusing on current leadership theories, behaviors, strategies, competencies etc.
    2. Select your nurse leader after you have completed a substantial review of the literature ; this should facilitate the selection process.
    3. Choose, discuss and defend a leadership theory and relate this to your chosen nurse leader.
    Could someone help me to write an introduction, please? Thank you!

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    Leadership is known as the art of influencing others (Manning & Curtis, 2012). This is an important trait of the nurse leader. According to Bass (1990), leadership is an exercise of influencing the people in a group context. The author also added that there are three ways available for a person if he wants to be leader: (1) a person can lead people through his natural personality traits; (2) due to some crisis or event, the person can build extraordinary leadership qualities in him; or (3) people can learn leadership skills, to be an effective leader (Bass, 1990). Manning and Curtis (2012) contend, "that both the qualities of the individual and environmental factors are important elements in the leadership equation" (p. 5). Leaders are "great" people encompassing courage and power, but leadership also depends on where, and in what situations, they hold that power (Manning & Curtis, 2012; Medina, 2011).

    Hollander and Julian view leadership in a different manner. The authors defined ...

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    This posting provides the student with a comprehensive review of leadership and two leadership theories: transformational leadership and servant leadership.