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Healthcare Management Current Research

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Problem Definition
? Define the problem that needs to be addressed in the action plan in detail.
? Summarize current research on the problem in the industry.
? Describe how the problem affects the overall management of the department and delivery of care within and external to the department.
Expected Outcomes
? Provide the overall expected outcomes of the action plan and a final problem statement.

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Healthcare management current research is examined.

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Problem Definition:

Charity care is an example of a problem which is experienced by the healthcare system. Hospitals have an obligation of the provision of charity care to their patients who have fall way below a certain level of financial income levels. Charity care is not only provided by hospitals but also physicians. Hospitals which are located in low income levels are known to provide more charity care than other hospitals which has proved to be a problem for them.

This is considered a problem because the hospitals find themselves to be located in areas of tough financial positions as a result of the high amount of charity care that they provide. Despite the fact that the state is involved in the provision of reimbursement for the charity care provided, the costs offered is not even close to covering the free care provided while taking the overall budget into consideration as well ...

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