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    The Right to Die Debate

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    Take a position on the following statement:

    Our current acceptance of a right to die, especially for those who are unconscious and need a proxy decision maker, is a rather slippery slope that may, in the future, be used not to protect individual autonomy or privacy but rather to serve as a facade to rid us of individuals whose lives we do not value.

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    An interesting evolution is going on now between the economy and religion. There are still a plethora of choices an individual has, when it comes to choosing affiliation with place of worship, despite the death of many churches (due to reduced interest and the economy). But along with a shift in those with wealth, there has been a change in prosperity in places of worship. Some churches and closing and others are prospering. There was a time when it was unheard of for a woman to lead a church or someone who had homosexual status to be visible. Spiritual philosophies in society are ...

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    The issue about allowing a person to die is reflective of the expense toward keeping people alive and uncertainty of medicine and spirituality, which is discussed here.