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Healthcare: Right vs. Privilege

Is Healthcare a Right or Privilege? Please provide reference materials.

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Interesting debate, for sure, in light of the recent Terry Schiavo case. Although access to healthcare is written into the constitution as a fundamental Human Right, is there a point where it moves toward being a privilege instead of a right.
That's why many people have very mixed feelings about the Schiavo case. I'm not a supporter of assisted suicide although I do support a person's right to live or die (i.e., only if the person is sustained by machines—not including eating and drinking via mouth or feeding tube--since that is not artificial life support as we all need to eat and drink to stay alive) if they make the appropriate legal provisions in advance. Many elderly people believe in the right to live and the necessary healthcare costs regardless of the amount, after all, access to healthcare is written into the constitution as a fundamental human right. When a person begins to cost the healthcare system more money (i.e., disease, aging, disability), doe this mean that we should move toward the ideology that to see a doctor is no longer a right but a privilege? I think not. Of course, others would point to the fact that every person who survives another year the taxpayers will pick ...

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This solution debates whether Healthcare is a right or a privilege. Supplemented with two articles on this interesting debate.