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    The Ethics of the Human Geome Project and Cloning

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    Please respond to the following scenario. Provide a brief answer with your opinion on the matter.

    The year is 2012 and as a result, of The Human Genome Project and others, cloning of human beings is possible. You have taken a strong stand that generalized cloning of human beings is ethically and morally wrong. Unfortunately, one of your children is diagnosed with an incurable illness and has only a short time to live. Knowing that the means exist to recreate this individual, what would you do?

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    That later development would provoke me to reconsider my position on cloning. If my child had only a short time to live, I would get busy and work with researchers to clone the part of my offspring's body that was not healthy. The year ...

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    The following posting addresses a health care ethic problem. This solution provides a discussion of a contrast between the moral decision not to clone and having a family member with a health problem for which cloning may help. The explanation is given in 166 words.