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    Ethical Controversies of Stem Cell and Human Cloning

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    I need help with the following:

    What are the three most ethical controversies relating to stem cell research and human cloning? Why?

    Original work, please. Otherwise, I could have found it myself. List references, if you have any, so I can study them.

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    To date there is not enough data to show the consequences of cloning. While we have demonstrated "success" in doing so with animals, there's no way to ultimately know the outcome of the works with genetics, mutations, agents in the modern world (chemicals and other synthetic combinations) and other unknown factors. The work with sheep and other animals offers some clues to the process but not the long term benefit nor scientific concerns. There may be useful benefits to adjust organs that have broken down, in the way that an animal can grow a new limb. But in the same way, it would be valuable for scientists to develop a way for the body to regenerate rather than rely on genetic engineering and human ...

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    There are many forthcoming opportunities for cloning, reflective of success with animals.