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    Ethical Issues

    Ethical Concerns in the U.S. and Addressing These Issues

    There are many ethical concerns for institutions of health care. Now that you have this overview, do some research and identify at least four (4) ethical issues, including Physician Assisted Death, that may exist for a local hospital or clinic near you. What is your role as a citizen or professional in addressing these issues?

    Ethics with Physician Assisted Suicide

    Physicians often face complex and painful issues. Given the prevailing current thinking in the United States, how can a physician decide what is the ethical thing to do when asked about assisted suicide? How can the physician respect the patient's wishes and still maintain an ethical practice of medicine? Please answer this in

    Out of Hospital DNR

    Briefly explain what you believe the premise is for establishing "Out of Hospital DNR" orders. Write specifically about a special DNR. The out of hospital DNR. Tell me about when these are used and why.

    Artificial Nutrition and Hydration

    The issue of nutrition and hydration at the end of life is more than a purely clinical one. Often the patient's family members are in severe emotional distress and see providing food and hydration as a way to preserve their loved one's life. What ethical duty does a health care professional have to the family these cases? When a

    Refusal of Treatment, and Informed Consent

    Mrs. G. has an aneurysm in her brain that, if untreated by surgery, will lead to blindness and probably death. The surgery recommended leads to death in 75% of all cases. Of those who survive the operation, nearly 75% are crippled. Mrs. G has three small children. Her husband has a modest job, and his health insurance will cover


    Write a paper in which you incorporate your ethical and legal view on the following topics: 1.Volunteerism, 2.Self-disclosure, 3.Objectivity, 4.Self-care. Write from the perspective of being an ethical and legal counselor. Be sure to cite professional code of ethics and/or articles to support your statements.

    Ethical Dilemma(s) of the Human Services Professional

    Describe how you, as the Human Services Professional, would approach this ethical dilemma while: Implementing the least intrusive intervention Respecting confidentiality Recognizing the client's multicultural ethical behavior Please see attached case.

    The Moral Status of Gametes and Embroyos

    There are new ways of thinking about reproductive technology and how its use can challenge our critical thinking. In fact this technology may even redefine who we are as humans. Suppose a person told you that using reproductive technology (pre-embryo) was not ethical because it does not respect persons. Using Table 3-3, how w

    Ethical Practice

    Maintaining an ethical practice and an ethical working environment does appear to be painful; however, it is the less of two evils. The impact that one group can have on another's practice or opinions can do the organization a lot of harm and slow down the evaluation process due to the need to re-establish a trusting environmen

    Code of beneficiance

    Part I. Identify which statement(s) from the Code of Ethics support the principle of beneficence. Part II. Read the scenario regarding performing a PET scan on a patient who calls your imaging center. Discuss the ethical dilemma and how the principle of beneficence pertains to the case. Unit II Beneficence A patient wi

    Ethical Theory, Ethical Practice and Informed Decisions about Health Care

    The only certainty we seem to have in today's health care is that profound changes are coming. What their extent will be is undetermined, but we do know that we are facing the greatest change in the system in 46 years. The demands that these changes will make on the system will also make demands on our application of ethics to

    Hippocratic Oaths

    After reviewing both classical and modern versions of the Hippocratic Oath, write a summary that describes the ethical principles that remain in the modern oath and the principles that existed in the classical version and are no longer part of the modern oath. Briefly present possible causes for the elimination of certain ancien

    Incorporating Theory

    If a large number of adult and teen smokers become users of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes rather than using e-cigarettes to quit cigarettes completely, how will this affect the public health and perception of quitting smoking? Identify a theory that can be used to support your proposed solution. Write a summary (25

    Factors Involved In Quitting Smoking: Electronic Cigarettes

    If a large number of adult and teen smokers become users of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes rather than using e-cigarettes to quit cigarettes completely, how will this affect the public health and perception of quitting smoking? Describe the nature of the problem, issue, or educational deficit. Include the following i

    Ethical issues in reproductive technology

    Critically analyze the ethical issues related to "New Reproductive Technology - ethical issues", using the textbook (Legal Aspects of healthcare administration), web resources, and professional journal articles (which may also be found online). Please be sure to cite all references using APA format to avoid plagiarism. The paper

    Stem Cells in the Treatment of Diabetes

    Choose one medical law or medical ethics issue and write a paper that critically analyzes the issues related to the selected topic. Provide: - A description of the selected topic - A discussion of how the issue impacts healthcare professionals and health care organizations - The impact of the selected issue on patients and fa

    Ethics of HIV/AIDS Partner Notification and Surveillance Efforts

    Discuss the ethical issues related to HIV/AIDS partner notification and highlights the inconsistencies of state reporting and epidemiological surveillance efforts in the United States. Analyze he conflict between individual privacy and public health to offer students a better understanding of the ethical issues that exist in tre

    Ethics in Dentistry

    1. What does psychosocial mean and how does it relate to dentistry? 2. What do you think the role of a dentist is in the community, with patients, and in the profession? 3. What do you think about the social aspect of a dentist? 4. Define and exemplify ethics.

    Analyzing an AHIMA Code of Ethic

    Please help with the following: Review the AHIMA Code of Ethics. Choose one (1) and discuss how it is relevant to Health Information Management. What are the benefits, if any? Optional: Would your choice be directed towards coding or clinical documentation?

    Ethical and legal accessibility

    Identify ethical and legal accessibility issues of sharing EMRs. What are some strategies which can be employed to mitigate these risks? Could you please help answer the question with 200 to 300 words?

    Marketing Wellness and Prevention

    Suppose that you are tasked with managing a health care marketing division for a pharmaceutical drug. A junior member of your marketing team suggests that you increase the budget to invite health care providers to attend symposia in which they will be trained to be speakers. One goal of the marketing plan is to influence physi

    health reform and discrimination

    1. What are the implications and effect of tough ethical beginning-of-life and end-of-life decisions? How do these decisions affect the individual, the family, society, and health care providers? 2. Describe what you feel to be the most important change(s) arising out of health care reform. What can you as an administrator d

    Ethical Decision Making in Health Care

    A. Does the principle of autonomy guarantee a person the right to do something that is harmful to oneself? To others? Please explain this principle and explain ethical rationale. B. I was passing medications. The policy in my institution gives me a 30-minute window on each side of the time the medication is due to be consid

    Maryland Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program

    The Maryland Tobacco prevention and cessation program INTRO : Public health planners usually spend considerable amounts of time on needs assessment and program development. Once the planning phase is complete, just as careful a consideration should be given to how the program will be implemented. For each phase of the implement

    Legal and Ethical marketing in Public Health

    The goal of public health is to prevent injury and disease. The goal of businesses is to sell their products whether those products are healthy or pose a health risk. If a business advertises in ways that encourage people to act in an unhealthy or unsafe way, what is the best way for public health to address this risk? Howev