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    Ethical Dilemma(s) of the Human Services Professional

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    Describe how you, as the Human Services Professional, would approach this ethical dilemma while:

    Implementing the least intrusive intervention
    Respecting confidentiality
    Recognizing the client's multicultural ethical behavior

    Please see attached case.

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    The functions of feedback for this person could include instructional and motivational.

    Instructional feedback consists of teaching or commanding. For example, I teach a staff how to better handle a client's negative behavior. Another example includes me instructing a fellow manager to include a behavioral patterns section in a report in lieu of a maladaptive behaviors section. In the above scenario, it could include explaining and training the employee on her job responsibilities and how NOT to go above what is included in her job description or her scope of practice. Clearly, she is not a trained professional, despite her brief schooling, and should not be advising patients.

    Motivational feedback, on the other hand, consists of commenting on a job well done or responding to something that been completed. Motivational feedback is best when it is specific in regard to a specific task. Specific goals lead to higher performance than general goals do. If I tell an employee to do their best, that is a general goal. However, if I tell them to decrease negative client behaviors to an average of two per day, that would be a specific goal. These goals tend to be most effective when used to evaluate the employee's performance. In this case, if the supervisor was to use motivational feedback, they could commend them for using their previous knowledge; however, offer constructive feedback as to why they were in the wrong. When they know their performance will be evaluated in terms of how well they have attained their goals, ...

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    This solution provides the student with a comprehensive review of feedback and behavior reinforcement for the employee mentioned in the attached case, with personal examples based on my experience. It is approximately 1000 words.