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    Code of Beneficiance

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    Part I. Identify which statement(s) from the Code of Ethics support the principle of beneficence.

    Part II. Read the scenario regarding performing a PET scan on a patient who calls your imaging center. Discuss the ethical dilemma and how the principle of beneficence pertains to the case.

    Unit II Beneficence
    A patient with newly diagnosed colon cancer calls your office and wants to get a PET scan before surgery. You advise her to ask her colorectal surgeon to request the study. The patient informs you that the doctor refused to order the test. Your curiosity gets to you and you call the surgeon to ask him why he didn't want to order the scan. After getting vague comments, you ask him point blank. He admits that he is afraid to order the study because it may cause a delay in the patient's surgery. This translates into "I may lose the case if we find extensive disease." You have your answer. Now what do you do? How does the principle of beneficence fit into this ethical dilemma?

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    Code of Ethics support the principle of beneficence.
    Part I. Identify which statement(s) from the Code of Ethics support the principle of beneficence.

    The statemsnet from the Code of Ethics that support the principle o beneficience are that:
    Respect for human dignity. Nurses must take in account the needs and values of all persons in all professional relationships.
    Relationships to patients- The nurse must " establishes relationships and delivers nursing services with respect for human needs and values, and without prejudice." (1) Nurses must be leaders and advocates for the delivery of dignified and humane care. The nurse must provide "interventions to relieve pain and other symptoms in the dying patients even when those interventions entail risks of death." (1)
    The nurse must maintains compassionate and caring ...

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    The code of beneficience is an integral part of the medical practice and nursing. It is a code that composed of the concern for the welfare of the sick, injured, and vulnerable. It encompasses the prevention of illness, the alleviation of suffering, and the protection, promotion, and restoration of health in the care of individual. It state that you must practice with compassion and respect for your patients.