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    Incorporating Theory

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    If a large number of adult and teen smokers become users of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes rather than using e-cigarettes to quit cigarettes completely, how will this affect the public health and perception of quitting smoking?
    Identify a theory that can be used to support your proposed solution.

    Write a summary (250-500 words) in which you:

    1. Describe the theory and your rationale for selecting the theory.

    2. Discuss how the theory works to support your proposed solution.

    3. Explain how you will incorporate the theory into your project.

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    Identify a theory that can be used to support your proposed solution.

    The theoretical framework that will support this scenario is placated upon Theory of Reasoned Action. This theory is chosen because of the fact that many theories that are placated upon health behavior and how citizens' perceptions of their health evolve are predicated upon public citizens initiating and maintaining new health behaviors governed ...

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    Incorporating Theory