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    Ethical Concerns in the U.S. and Addressing These Issues

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    There are many ethical concerns for institutions of health care. Now that you have this overview, do some research and identify at least four (4) ethical issues, including Physician Assisted Death, that may exist for a local hospital or clinic near you. What is your role as a citizen or professional in addressing these issues?

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    Ethical issues besides Physician Assisted Death include abortions, deaths emanating from a lack of hygienic practices by healthcare professionals, and finally the issue of denying preventive care to those that can't afford it and only giving these individuals medical care when they have an emergency. This final scenario occurs when patients have cancer but don't qualify for Medicaid ...

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    This solution explores ethical concerns in the U.S. and addressing these issues such as abortions, deaths from lack of hygiene and denying preventative care.