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    Ethical Issues

    Human subject research

    HUMAN SUBJECT RESEARCH Public health professionals engage in many kinds of practice that border on research, such as quality assurance, outbreak investigations, and program evaluation. These practices are standard for public health practices but in some instances can also seem to fit the definition of research in under the Comm

    Duty to protect is clarified.

    Whose duty is it to protect children, the poor, and victims of domestic abuse? According to the "no duty to protect" rule, it is not the government's legal duty. Reflect on your reading from this week. Think about how the "no duty to protect" rule affects vulnerable groups in particular and how it affects what a public health pr

    Ethics, trust, and professionalism in public health

    The tools of law and regulations can provide public health professionals with far-reaching powers to improve the health of communities. Their use, however, also raises ethical dilemmas. This weekâ??s video program highlighted examples of social marketing campaigns that might be effective in combating smoking or obesity but brin

    Application of Principles of Ethics

    1.Public health leaders must grapple with, and lead their organizations through, any number of ethically challenging circumstances. In this Discussion you will select a case study and apply basic principles of ethical analysis to the issue. Select one of the ethics case studies at the end of Modules 4, 6, 7, 8, or 9, or embedd

    Legal and Moral Issues of Abortion

    You are to reflect your views on what the health care profession's legal and moral stance should be on abortion.You can choose how to approach your topic, narrow its scope, and advance a particular position, but you must justify each of your decisions and your positions with scholarly evidence. Use course resources, the Internet

    Ethical issues in Medicare-funded organ transplants.

    Describe and evaluate the ethical issues involved in Medicare-funded organ transplants. Do a power point presentation. - Introduce the issue - Define the problem - Search the literature - Analyze the problem - Offer possible solutions - Propose a single solution - Develop an implementation plan - Justify why/how

    Organizational governance ethics and health plans

    SCENARIO: A major HMO in City X provides financial incentives for physician practices and to physicians whose referral rates to specialists are below a certain number annually. What is your analysis of the ethical issues raised by this practice? Should physicians have a specific ethical duty to disclose these incentives to all p

    Ethical Theories and Principles In-vitro Fertilization

    Margaret Smith is a 60-year old healthy woman who has been married to her husband Frank for three years. They decided to try to conceive a child as this is the first marriage for both and they want kids. Both Margaret and Frank's parents lived healthy into their 90s. Margaret and Frank conceived through in-vitro fertilization

    Overview of ethics

    Evaluate ethical dilemmas in biomedical research, e-health, information technology, and telemedicine. Determine key ethical issues related to global health. Contrast current international health policy issues.

    What goes into an ethical code?

    How to create an ethical code of conduct for a health care administrative office. The code must be comprehensive for all potential ethical situations and must, at a minimum, include ethical standards which would apply to the following stakeholders: Board Members Executive staff Management Professional staff Administ

    Please help explain.

    A physician was recently convicted of using his own sperm for artificially inseminating his patients. He told the court that he didnâ??t see anything wrong with this practice because these women came to him wanting to have a child. However, his patients were unaware that he was using his own sperm for the procedure. Some of his

    Medical information systems and medical records ethics

    Electronic medical records have been becoming increasingly common in the health care industry as a result the issues that surround the confidentially of a patient's medical record have come into questions. Identify and discuss the major laws that governs patient and discuss how it can affect an electronic medical record.

    Scenario that describes a student or practitioner cheating.

    How many ways can a person cheat as a student or practitioner? Let's see how many ways we can describe cheating. Please list one scenario that describes a student or practitioner cheating. Be specific. Please do not list a scenario that has already been described (credit will be given to the first person who listed it). If you c

    Build an ethical organization

    You have just been appointed the director of a new human service organization (a behavioral health clinic, for example). As the director, one of your first tasks is to draft a mission statement and a values statement for your organization. As your organization grows, your stakeholders will provide their input and help shape thes

    Hospice Risk Management

    Please assist so that I can complete the following assignment: HOSPICE Risk management and ETHICAL DILEMMA in regard to HIPAA issues/compliance (Keep in mind the patient, family involvement/decision and legal aspects) ? Patient that is unable to make his/her own medical decision due to mental or physical impairments and

    Research methods and design

    Human subject research ethics. The history behind human subjects' protection and ethics is quite rich. Please read the following article, After reading through this information, please share your thoughts regarding ethics and research involving humans. What is your reaction to the horrific research trials that were conduc

    Ethical Guidelines

    Prepare an argument that would create or critique some ethical guidelines (i.e Kant, Rawls, Ross etc). for research on children below the age of 12 - which could be as restrictive as never allowed, could be situational e.g., child is dying; could give the parents some or no control.

    Life Support: Kantian Ethics

    Define the criteria for the withdrawal of life support once it has been started. Defend those criteria on the basis of (1) Kantian Ethical system, and create an economic model that contrasts current practices with your proposed criteria.

    Quality of Life: Who decides?

    Whose decision is it to stop treatment when quality of life can't be improved - the patients, the medical system, the insurance company, the government in the case of Medicare? On what basis? Use ethics to explain as well.

    Ethical Systems & Political Issues in Public Health

    I need help getting started with these questions: 1. Is there really a single ethical system that can be used for all human behavior? If not then what should govern human actions? 2. For your first written assignment, you are to rank order the seven ethical systems discussed in Munson according to your own preference (