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    Ethical issues involving medicare-funded organ transplants

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    Are there any ethical issues involved in medicare-funded organ transplants? if so, describe them.

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    There are many layers to the transplant dilemma. When we add the funding, moral, ethical, spiritual and political aspects, it even complicates the whole issue more.

    In some ways the idea of an elective surgery could be considered, when it comes to a religious perspective and it is not really a natural phenomena. However, doctors go out with a serious mandate of saving a life. The issue goes along side trying to determine how long a life should last and when dignity or preservation should be determined. There are people chronically suffering, some in comas for an undetermined amount of time and others that are doing all that is possible to survive.

    The US has tried to maintain its foundation of equality, while at the same time lead above most of the rest due to innovation, competition and free enterprise. However, there has been a fierce undertone of protecting from the divide. Slowly, it appears the nation is becoming that of haves and have nots and a wider division between rich and poor. Due to the down-slide of the economy, the middle class is holding on with a very tight grip and this reflects poorly on organ donation equity.

    ANY aspect of medicine, in the present status, is expensive. Where ever there is personalized attention, the cost is high, especially with skilled workers, which in THIS case, is critical. In many instances, with organ transplants, it may all come down to seconds. Precision, wisdom, coordination, timing, luck and a bit of faith are all critical.

    In the recent past, a medical helicopter was in transit, with organs and the it crashed, killing not only the highly skilled staff (doctors, flight people, etc.) but also the chance for life for the projected patient and hope ...

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    Helping people in need, using public money, with regard to organ transplants, considering spiritual, political and financial issues is discussed.