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    Legal and Moral Issues of Abortion

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    You are to reflect your views on what the health care profession's legal and moral stance should be on abortion.You can choose how to approach your topic, narrow its scope, and advance a particular position, but you must justify each of your decisions and your positions with scholarly evidence. Use course resources, the Internet, and the library to support your position.

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    As far back as I can remember, I took a stance, in my work as a Public Health Educator, to keep my own personal business out of the public business. I was a member of the American Public Health Association, where I was led by advisement of others to follow the policies of the field and it made perfect sense to me. APHA, for one [organization] represents a very wide range of professionals in the health field spanning from nurses, doctors, teachers and health educators, to name a few. When subcommittees meet and research issues, they make position statements, which are found to be well accepted by the group at large.

    In the case of abortion, as far back as the 1980's, the APHA took the position which was in the best interest of the pregnant mother, which was best for her health. See http://www.apha.org/advocacy/policy/policysearch/default.htm?id=1354 Hence, supported abortion. Here is a more recent piece on their stance, as well. http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/archive/ldn/2008/feb/08021507

    While it may be a very emotional issue for many, science has no space for emotion. The only way to find a conflicting position, perhaps, might be to research private hospitals, for example Catholic Hospitals or conservative Christian-based hospitals, where both the professionals and hospital board might refuse abortion-related services.

    The next area of serious consideration is to look at both federal and state legislation. Federal law and positions trump state laws. Recent state legislatures that have come up with new policies or laws opposing certain aspects of abortion appear to be treading on thin rough waters. Periodically, the Supreme Court has the issue resurface, but to date, Roe v Wade still stands as the foundation on the issue.

    Ultimately, the debate comes around with who is supposed to pay and care for a baby, if the mother is unable or unwilling to do so. If the pregnant mother is not interested or willing to carry the baby in a healthy way, to term, many professionals might argue that it is ...