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The Moral Status of Gametes and Embroyos

There are new ways of thinking about reproductive technology and how its use can challenge our critical thinking. In fact this technology may even redefine who we are as humans.
Suppose a person told you that using reproductive technology (pre-embryo) was not ethical because it does not respect persons. Using Table 3-3, how would you respond to this person?

Table 3-3 ATTACHED.


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There are many different reasons why women get pregnant or fail to procreate. The attachment has a major gap, with a huge ink line through the middle, lack of resource noted and much of the narrative missing with the list of terms such as birth, personhood, implantation, etc.
The problem with a broad-brush statement for or against reproductive technology is that there are many variables involved and the trade is highly regulated. People in the western cultures in the modern era are not like those in centuries or even decades past. Diversity is a part of our modern society. Global connections with technology and internet have created a new world. Western medicine and advances in science in just the last thirty years have presented new opportunities and challenges. People are living longer, taking better care of self and there are more un-traditional families, starting ...

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