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Software Development

Pre-Implementation and Post-Implementation Activities

In systems implementation, there are two broad stages of implementation: Pre-Implementation Preparation and Post-Implementation Upkeep. 1. what are 2 different ways end-users impact each stage. 2. What are some techniques that you can use to utilize the day-to-day business knowledge the end user has in each stage?

Decision Making

Explain why Health care information systems (informatics) is important in decision making within an organization.

Computer Science

1. Should software licenses be dropped completely? Show references. 2. The hackers that perform distributed denial of service attacks on e-commerce sites: are they criminals, or are they heroes helping computer specialists discover faults within computer networks and systems? Show references. 3. Will the distinction betwee

DISCUSSION: Advantage of Service Architecture

This Discussion will focus on the different levels of abstractions within the service interface layer and the importance of abstraction and role of layering when developing SOA-based IT solutions. At the end of the Discussion, you should be able to draw conclusions on why these abstractions and layering are essential and how the


Whose job is it to test newly written code? Why? What steps should we take to ensure the reliability of our code? Explain.

SSL question

Suppose Alice and Bob are communicating over an SSL session. Suppose an attacker, who does not have any of the shared keys, inserts a bogus TCP segment into a packet stream with correct TCP checksum and sequence numbers (and correct IP addresses and port numbers). Will SSL at the receiving side accept the bogus packet and pass

Actives nodes, adapter, ethernet

1. Suppose four active nodes-nodes A, B, C and D-are competing for access to a channel using slotted ALOHA. Assume each node has an infinite number of packets to send. Each node attempts to transmit in each slot with probability p. The first slot is numbered slot 1, the second slot is numbered slot 2, and so on. a. What is t

Who killed the duke of Densmore?

I need to find the idea for solving this problem. The shadow of a grisly murder is hanging over the otherwise idyllic coast near Craymouth: carbonized bodies of two men and a crocodile have been found in a tower of Densmore Castle on the Isle of White. All three died a year ago in the explosion of a charge skilfully connected

Reliability and validity of 'bottom-up' time estimates

It is often difficult to estimate program design and coding times for certain types of software development projects. In many of those cases, of the approaches to time estimation discussed this week, probably the bottom-up strategy would be the most useful. However, is there any way for the project manager to ensure that the

Other difficulties with parametric estimation techniques

A common area of inconsistency with parametric estimation techniques such as COCOMO is due to the fact that quite often task completion times for software development are not additive. For example, if coding up a new module, the time to design, program and unit test the item may be rather high (say a few days). However, addition

Incremental Integration and Top-Down Integration

1. Describe incremental integration. Name and explain (2) benefits of incremental integration. 2. Describe how top-down integration works. List (1) advantage and (1) disadvantage of top-down integration.

Project Manager Control Over Changes

How much control would you expect the Project Manager to have over planned changes, in projects where work has been extensively outsourced to external contractors? Full or partial control, or a complete handover of change management responsibility to the external contractor?

Principles of Software Architecture

The traditional software development process changes profoundly when software architecture is its technical foundation. Consider issues such as the experience needed to successfully exploit an architecture, productivity gains, potential to overlook novel solutions, advantages for evolving product families, and architectural degr

Project Management Tools

What tools do you find most helpful in managing projects ? How can you use spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel, within the various project management processes? How do you use scheduling tools, such as Microsoft Project? Share some tips for using either of these products. Then, using the library and Internet, investiga

Project Management

Can you help me with the following: * Describe a situation in which a project was not clearly aligned with business goals. * Was the project successful? Why or why not? * How could the project have been aligned more closely with business goals at the beginning of the project? * Discuss the importance of strategic alignmen

Appropriate Power Protection

I need help writing a 350 word paper describing what steps need to be considered when choosing the appropriate power protection. What steps need to be taken to protect and organization from power surges and power failures.

People, Technology and Management

Please help me with the following question: Ethical behavior is an important part of a company's culture. Can you enhance it by using IT? Discuss.

Apps and Mobile Phones

Speculate and share your perspective on the factors mobile application developers should consider before deciding to charge or offer free/ad-sponsored products? If you decide to go with ad-support, is this a first release choice or as an update?

Professional Issues in Computing - Discovery of Customer Malfeasance

Consider the following scenario: you are a field engineer for a software company that provides bespoke accounting programs. Your job entails visiting a customer when they report a problem that can not be replicated without the data they use. Many companies are not willing to transfer their financial information to another compan

Dependency diagrams

Please refer to the attachment for mentioned figures and tables. 1. Given the dependency diagram shown in Figure 1, answer Questions b & c: b. Create a database whose tables are at least in 2NF, showing the dependency diagrams for each table. c. Create a database whose tables are at least in 3NF, showing the dependency di

Project Management Elements of Planning

What are important elements to plan before beginning a project? Cite one or more examples of projects that succeeded or failed based on good or poor planning. What lessons should be learned from these case studies?

The need of software engineering

Hello, Could you please assist in the below questions: 1.What is the appropriate justification for an employee that can be submitted to his/her business line to persuade to accept the study of software engineering? 2.What are the benefits of software engineering that will come back to the business? 3.Do we need softwa

Software/System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

What is Software/System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and can we expand or contract the number of phases depending on the particular project? Thanks Solution is attached in word document

Basis of normalization principle

The "right" database design can rarely be decided on the basis of normalization principle alone. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss.


What is a client/server system? What is a client? What is a server? Why would an organization choose to implement a client/server system?