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software licenses

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1. Should software licenses be dropped completely? Show references.

2. The hackers that perform distributed denial of service attacks on e-commerce sites: are they criminals, or are they heroes helping computer specialists discover faults within computer networks and systems? Show references.

3. Will the distinction between local telephone calls and long distance telephone calls ever disappear? What may cause this to happen? Show references.

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1. Software licensing plays an important role in protecting the intellectual property of the developer. If software licensing will be dropped completely, the developers or owners of such software would not be able to earn revenues because the software will be freely available for use by anyone and hence, no one would be motivated to purchase or compensate the inventor or developer for the software, thereby eradicating any motivation for the developers or ...

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1. Should software licenses be dropped completely? Show references.

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Software Licensing

You have just completed your work with the organization from the unit one individual project (insurance agency, financial planning firm, county library) and have been hired by a software company to lend your software licensing expertise.

As you are aware a software product license grants individuals the legal right to run or access a software program. A license agreement governs the use of the licensed software program. One of the ongoing sagas in Information Technology is the question on how vendors will issue licenses for the use of their software and this is why the company needs your help.

Search the internet and Library for information about software licensing. You may want to look on the internet for any announcements about licensing from companies, and the approach those software vendors have taken to structure the licensing option for their user community.

The first thing your client would like you to do is send them an email that summarizes some of the current issues and options involved in the licensing of software as well as recommendations you have on the best options for them to use to license their software.

Make sure to cite any information that you used from the internet in your email so your client, if interested, can look further into the information you have provided.

Use APA format and have a list of references

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