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The Importance of Saving When Working with Computers.

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Access saves database values as they are added eliminating the need to save every time a record is added, edited, or deleted. Discuss the importance of saving your work. Share stories of a time when you or someone you know have lost some work due to not saving your file(s) regularly.

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The importance of saving work regularly when working with computers, including personal experiences. The explanation is given in 367 words.

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As a writer (mostly computer science and software engineering documentation at work) I have learnt the importance of saving my work regularly especially using the most common writing and editing tools such as Microsoft Word, and diagramming tools like Microsoft Visio. It is the hard ways that I've learnt this because I've experienced tragic loss of my hours-worth of work vanish into thin air with no chance of revival! A few instances where I've lost work are due to my own negligence. I've assumed the ...

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