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Employee Engagement in Decision-Making

The solution discusses how an organization change in employees storing their working documents was achieved. The workplace scenario utilized discusses how some employees were fully engaged in the new process; while others were not and continued to store their documents elsewhere. This solution contains about 450 words.

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The organization decided to utilize SharePoint; instructing employees to upload and store their "working documents" in this venue for all to access. Employees were not prohibited from utilizing thumb drives and/or saving documents to the hard drive. However, the education piece placed a high value on why SharePoint was selected for document storage. With employees storing documents in different libraries, those who need to collaborate to produce a final publication could do so by "checking out" the most recent version; edit and/or comment, then return for the others to see. This, in theory, would resolve team members working off a multitude of different versions of the same document.

The ...

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This solution is about 450 words and utilizes the workplace scenario of how employees react to a business decision of changing over to a new data storage format. The situation revolves around employees being instructed to store all their working documents within SharePoint versus "thumb drives" or personal hard drives of their individual workstation. The level of commitment to a decision by employees is often determined by communication and involvement in the decision-making process. Employees will either "go along" with the decision or may choose to rebel.