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    Mobile Systems, DBMS, ERP, and Information Silos

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    1) Why are mobile systems important?
    2) Describe a DBMS and its functions. List, at minimum, three of the popular DBMS products and give a brief description of each.
    3) Explain what is meant by ERP and explain the primary purpose of an ERP system. Use examples to support your answer.
    4) Explain what an information silo is and discuss the fundamental problems of information silos. Close the discussion by explaining how this problem can be remedied.

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    A) Since its arrival in 2012, consumers have started using mobile devices. The smartphones have greatly shaped the lifestyles of people. These mobile devices and their corresponding systems have become a part of their lives as they use them for their personal use (movies, music, phone text/call, calendar, notes, etc.) as well as for their education or work use. Since their existence, people have gotten used to the various features that these mobile systems can offer. It can store more data the same way a desktop computer can. Their compact interfaces allows for more updates of the latest technologies. They are handy, portable and so, they can be used everywhere. You can always be online when you have a smartphone. This means, more accessibility to connect to friends for personal uses or for school or business use. The tables or phablets are now widely used by those who do their work or attend to their businesses as they can be carried anywhere and they give wider screen and serve as a portable tool in lieu of the laptops and desktop computers.
    Mobile systems can help people do almost anything. In fact, the latest systems can be used to do things for the users such as buy gifts to be send to someone, or purchase items online. They are making life easier and more convenient to the consumers. They provide more ways to learn and to earn. These systems have provide sources of income for the users as well as the advertisers, and even for the producers and their employees. Users can use it for working, studying, saving files, connecting, and many more. Advertisers gain more revenues from mobile ads as there are more people using them than the bulky computers. Manufacturing companies are always searching for ways to improve their technology. Tablets and smartphones with their system and capacity and the right apps, can let you do many things such as remoting into client networks, accessing company documents, working on your business databases or CMS, and even working on your files for work or for school use.
    Mobile systems are a part of everybody's lifestyle.
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    * Mobile systems and devices: brief history and its importance, benefits and impact to their consumers
    * Database Management Systems (DBMS) described, 3 elements, functions and popular DBMS described
    * Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) explained, purpose, functions, goals, and examples
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