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    Software Development

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    Must be created in Microsoft Access Create the following tables for a "University Grade System". Courses Majors Student Info Courses Taken Courses Table: Course (This is the key and is a six letter text field) Advisor (This is a required 40 letter text field) Extension (This is a required four digit extensio

    Ethical issues

    Hello, I was wondering if I can get some hints/ideas on the 2 short questions I have written below and attached..Your ideas would be appreciated.kindly provide me a breif answer. Thanks 1) Contrast the policies, attitudes and practices of the Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft, and those individuals who believe tha

    Virus Protection Software

    Virus Protection Software is a critical piece of system software. Please discuss a specific virus software, its advantages and disadvantages. Please create a heading that contains the name of the software you are reviewing. It should be about half-page or less.

    Number missing from sequence

    This is a problem solving exercise that a certain major software company likes to use in their interviews. Like many algorithm design problems, there are many possible answers, but I have presented one of the more generally accepted ones. A stream of integers between 1 and 1 million is received by a computer. The numbers ar

    Object Oriented Software Design

    a) Examine the Pet License Application form below to identify its object classes. b) Create relationships between the object classes and indicate the minimum and maximum cardinalities of each relationship. c) Revise (b) above by assigning attributes to and indicating the identifier of each object class.

    Plan for Maintenance and Upgrading Computer Infrastructure

    I'm doing a project in which theoretically I am a new hire to a computer department. I need to document a plan for maintenance and upgrading the computer infrastructure for the company.I can include narratives, flowcharts and diagrams. Any ideas?