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Software Development

commenting on the enclosed code

I need assistance in commenting on the enclosed code, consider things like code layout, use of variable names, general readability and understandability. The enclosed program suppose to Implement a class called ShortAddress that has the following attributes: firstName, secondName, and phoneNumber. Also, implement a class ca

Information Systems and Design

Create a table in Microsoft Word or Excel that lists the strengths and challenges of each of the following four system development life cycles presented in the text: i. Traditional Systems Development Life Cycle ii. Prototyping iii. Rapid Application Development iv. End-User System Development Life Cycle

Streaming stored audio

Consider streaming stored audio. Does it make sense to run the application over UDP or TCP? Which transport protocol does RealNetworks use? Why? Which transport protocol do the Microsoft streaming products use? Why?

Windows 2003 Infrastructure

(a) Discuss the benefits of the DHCP server and its relation to the Active Directory Domain. (b) Discuss the benefits of WINS server. (c) Discuss installation issues and installation parameters for each server.

Computer application

Can you tell me how traditional and media literacy relates to computer applications concepts and techniques, or new age of computer (Microsoft 2003) how does it relates todays schools programs for examples books, films. etc

LISP Issues

Determine what the following underlined LISP functions do and describe the results of each using complete declarative sentences. Since I am by far not even a novice at LISP is there some secret. I am not sure if I am missing the concept of LISP but I hadn't even heard of it until this course on Programming Languages. I have

Explain what situations are appropriate for hard disks. Explain why.

Explain what situations are appropriate for hard disks. Explain why. Explain what situations are appropriate for floppy disks. Explain why. Explain what situations are appropriate for RAM. Explain why. Explain what situations are appropriate for CD ROM. Explain why. Explain what situations are appropriate for Tape. Explain w

RADD, JAD, Prototyping

What is the most effective tool to consider utilizing in today's rapidly developing IT virtual Marketplace? Rapid Application Design and Development, Joint Application Design or Prototyping?

ERP/ES tools

How are enterprise software tools/enterprise resource planning used in helping to reduce the cost of designing and implementing new systems?

Computer Tech Management

Scenario: A volunteer organization 'AllTechComm' is largely a group of computer professionals who wanted to give back to the community in a variety of ways, both non-technical and technical. A portion of your organization is support, HR, or training-oriented, and has only basic technical knowledge. You are the newly appoint

Roles they play in failed projects.

What role does each of the following play in failed projects: Lack of a plan? Upper management? Restricted budget? Restricted time? Power struggles? Personality conflicts?

Software engineering

Explain how the lack of metrics for measuring certain software properties affects the software engineering discipline.

Need help with research

Now that you have a basic plan and have identified the information that you need for this program, you feel you are ready to start development. You told your uncle that you will need to purchase software for this program. Since your uncle is in charge of the finances, he requests that you give him a proposal containing several o

Should the people whom develop also maintain as well?

Discuss whether or not the same people who develop the software should be tasked with maintaining it or whether or not a separate group should be tasked with development of software and separate group with maintaining it. Why? What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of these approaches? Any other approaches to m

Types of testing

Select three or more types of testing (1; Unit testing or Module Testing) (2; Integration Testing) (3; Acceptance Testing) and illustrate each with an example. Write your discussion as if you are the systems analyst briefing your CIO as the two of you are walking over to the steering committee meeting in which a "go/no go" deci

Environmental Policy

I need an environmental policy for recycling computers. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Excel S2-P3

1. Complete the invoice using the following information: a. Key the current date in G6 October 5,2005 b. Each custom costume fee is $2,500.00. Enter this value in F15:F19 c. Total the costume fees in F20 d. A transportation and storage container for each of the five costumes is $75.00. Enter the appropriate formula

Creating Line Chart Interpretations

Cal Rubine, chair of the Theatre Arts Division at Niagara Peninsula College, has asked you to create charts from the grades analysis report to present at a divisional meeting. After reviewing the grades, you decide to create a line chart depicting the grades for all of the courses and a pie chart summarizing the total grades.

Cost of a hotel room

Save and execute the file attached. If you have not yet installed the software, single right click on the file and choose save target as, then run the file from your desktop. Set the drive designator as necessary. Enter the values shown, and then click the Calculate button. The cost of the reservation appears in the output secti

Project Cost Management

You have decided that you are now an expert in project cost estimating, and you want to hold some public classes or workshops on this topic... (see attachment for complete question)


I'm have trouble writing two programs that each print a table of the binary, octal, and hexadecimal equivalents of the decimal numbers in the range 1-256. The problem is that i have to use the computer lanuage C # which is relatively new please help.

Software Tools and Systems Programming

Create a simple user manual for the application. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something explaining the operation of theapplication, menu and buttons. This is suppose to be an MDI application for a clothing store.

Development technologies

Research the development technologies below and type up a sum,mary of them. 1. Scrum 2. Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) 3. Adaptive Software Development