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    Create forms in Access

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    I ONLY need help with number 3. Create a form of your own design using a master detail relationship.

    Please use Access.I have attached my access database. I figured out the first two requirements but I'm stuck in last one.Thanks

    Here are the requirements

    Using the database and the data that was loaded in the Registration Database (registration.mdb) from Week 6, create application forms. The text and tutorials provides the knowledge needed to create a sample data entry form. Each system has its own characteristics with respect to data input. The form should be created in Access, and should be representative of one of the major entities in the database. Appropriate design elements such as the source documents, the need for forms/subforms and GUI control options should be considered. (50 points)

    Create a form that is based on an SQL Query.
    Create a form using the wizard.
    Create a form of your own design using a master detail relationship.

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    Please check attachment. I added a Student master-details form.
    In order to create a master details form:
    Simply base a form on the any table; on it, put a ...

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