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    Huffman Trucking Input Forms

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    Please help me with Microsoft Access to create input forms for the Fleet Truck maintenance database attached.

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    In this session we will use Northwind Sample Database. Open Northwind.mdb file from Help menu.

    Creating a form
    You can create a form on your own or you can have Microsoft Access create your form for you using a Form Wizard. A Form Wizard speeds up the process of creating a form because it does all the basic work for you. When you use a Form Wizard, Microsoft Access prompts you for information and creates a form based on your answers. Even if you've created many forms, you may want to use a Form Wizard to quickly lay out all the controls on your form. Then you can switch to Design view to customize your form.

    Fig. 1: Window in Form Wizard (Option 1)

    Creating a form with a wizard

    Option ...

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    This solution provides step by step explanations for using Microsoft access to create input forms.