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    Please Fix this Using Visual Basic.NET 2003

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    This was for Mr. Rajender Kumar, MCom, OTA ID#: 104967, but since he is away (not replying for any reason) anyone can do it.

    I'm getting " An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException' occurred in system.data.dll" for all the forms.

    The database named "ClothingStore.mdb" is save in the bin

    Could you fix this and make it work on any computer is downloaded in. you could also let me know what path should I take to download it.

    Also could you add some Enhancements to the program I would trully apperciated

    Please check the program attached bellow and make sure it follows the guidelines written bellow.

    ? Incorporate ADO.NET with the three (3) Microsoft Access data tables that is attached bellow "ClothingStore.zip"

    All the Forms are built just as a layout change what you want and they are attached bellow "Beta.zip.zip".
    You don't have to use this forms, you can create your own.

    ? Use at least Three (3) user input forms that allow the user to add, edit, and data delete records in the database.

    ? Include Structured Error Handling on all forms.

    ? Create a nice, intuitive, user interface with a full menu structure.

    ? Create a patron letter-writing feature that includes a functional RichTextBox control.

    When selected a CUSTOMER in the LISTBOX , on the datagride it supposed to show only the information for that CUSTOMER only and not other customers information.

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