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    Visual Basic.NET Application to Schedule Campsites

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    For this assignment, you will create a Visual Basic.NET application to schedule campsites. A screen shot of the desired UI is shown in the following image. You can also download a running example of the completed project. Please be aware that the example program does not necessarily demonstrate all of the functional requirements, and it is intended only as an example. You are responsible for meeting the listed requirements. Please refer to the following information for the complete requirements.

    Minimum Requirements

    Create a form with the following objects labeled appropriately:
    Start Date (date/time picker)
    End Date (date/time picker)
    Campsite Type (radio buttons for Basic, Intermediate, Best)
    Electric Required? (check box)
    Daily Rate (read-only text box, formatted as currency)
    Number of Days (read-only text box)
    Subtotal (read-only text box, formatted as currency)
    Electricity surcharge (read-only text box, formatted as currency)
    Total (read-only text box, formatted as currency)
    Calculate button (initiates calculations)
    Reset button (sets all fields back to original values)
    Exit button with confirmation from the user
    Site charges
    Basic = $25/day
    Intermediate = $35/day
    Best = $50/day
    Daily rate will display the previously mentioned values depending on which site type is selected.
    Number of Days will display difference (in days) between the Start and End Dates (hint, use DateDiff function for this calculation).
    Subtotal is the site charge multiplied by the daily rate.
    Electricity charge is $10 additional per day if selected.
    Total is subtotal + electricity charge.
    Read-only fields should only be updated when either the calculation or reset button is pressed. Do not use content update event handlers for these updates.
    Do not allow the user to resize the form.
    Remove minimize, maximize, and close buttons from the title bar.

    Additional Notes

    Name your project and set the title of your form (the Text property of the main form) to ITP400_IP1_<Your name>.
    Make sure you fulfill the minimum requirements before attempting advanced features.
    Be sure to include good comments in your code.
    Name your objects, variables, functions, and others with appropriate and consistent names.
    Your form(s) should be designed attractively and consistently.
    Zip all your project files together and submit your assignment to your instructor

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