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Create Visual Basic.NET application for an "Automotive Repair Shop."

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Create Visual Basic.NET application for an "Automotive Repair Shop". Below are the requirements:

1. Incorporate ADO.NET access to at least three Microsoft Access data tables. These tables should include Customers, Services (the kinds of work offered and cost), and Work Order information (a combination of customer and service with a date).
2. Use at least three user input forms that allow the user to add, edit, and delete records in the database. The work order screen should allow you to select a customer and a service from a dropdown list box.
3. One screen should allow the user to see a list of all work performed for a specific customer, sorted by date. The customer that the data is displayed for should be selectable from a list box. Consider this to be a report screen.
4. Include Structured Error Handling in appropriate places in the program.
5. Create a nice, intuitive user interface with a full-menu structure.
6. Add a form that includes the web browser control and several predefined websites related to automotive repair.

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Create Visual Basic.NET application for an "Automotive Repair Shop."

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