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Software Development

Cost of a hotel room

Save and execute the file attached. If you have not yet installed the software, single right click on the file and choose save target as, then run the file from your desktop. Set the drive designator as necessary. Enter the values shown, and then click the Calculate button. The cost of the reservation appears in the output secti

Project Cost Management

You have decided that you are now an expert in project cost estimating, and you want to hold some public classes or workshops on this topic... (see attachment for complete question)


I'm have trouble writing two programs that each print a table of the binary, octal, and hexadecimal equivalents of the decimal numbers in the range 1-256. The problem is that i have to use the computer lanuage C # which is relatively new please help.

Software Tools and Systems Programming

Create a simple user manual for the application. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something explaining the operation of theapplication, menu and buttons. This is suppose to be an MDI application for a clothing store.

Development technologies

Research the development technologies below and type up a sum,mary of them. 1. Scrum 2. Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) 3. Adaptive Software Development

Description on Data Flow Diagrams

Question 1. Develop a context diagram and a level-0 diagram for the contracting system described in the following narrative. If you discover that the narrative is incomplete, make up reasonable explanations to complete the story. Supply these extra explanations along with the diagrams. Here is the narrative. Government Solutio

Hierarchy chart of modules and a flow chart

Part 1 You manage a dog-walking service, in which you interact with both clients and dog walkers. Your task is to schedule dog-walking appointments based on the clients' requested dates and times and the availability of the dog walkers. Once a dog walker has been assigned for a particular appointment, the appointment has to b

Disposal of old computers

What would be some considerations that oraginizations must be aware of and plan for disposing of old equipmnet? What are some methods that would best work for the orgainization? What would be an appropiate outlined for this and provide a cost-effective means of protection. Thank you.

Computer problem in Digital Image

If you service bureaus tells you that some of the colors in your file are "out of Gamut" what do they mean by that and how do you resolve this problem.


Must be created in Microsoft Access Create the following tables for a "University Grade System". Courses Majors Student Info Courses Taken Courses Table: Course (This is the key and is a six letter text field) Advisor (This is a required 40 letter text field) Extension (This is a required four digit extensio

Ethical issues

Hello, I was wondering if I can get some hints/ideas on the 2 short questions I have written below and attached..Your ideas would be appreciated.kindly provide me a breif answer. Thanks 1) Contrast the policies, attitudes and practices of the Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft, and those individuals who believe tha

Number missing from sequence

This is a problem solving exercise that a certain major software company likes to use in their interviews. Like many algorithm design problems, there are many possible answers, but I have presented one of the more generally accepted ones. A stream of integers between 1 and 1 million is received by a computer. The numbers ar