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    Database management software to help an organization

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    Can you answer these two questions?

    1. Discuss at least two different ways that database management software like Microsoft® Access® can help an organization avoid or reduce data-quality problems mentioned in the article.

    2. In today's business environment there needs to be a convergence between structured data (as stored in the relational database) and unstructured data (such as might be found in textual information or the World Wide Web). What are the trends towards marrying these two very different kinds of information together?

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    1. Database management has evolved as a separate branch of information technology these days as it needs to be studied and implemented in great detail in workplace situations. Fortunately, there are numerous software like MS Access, Oracle etc. available to the wary consumer who can use these to reduce textual burden and superfluous information in the data they collect and hold. One of the ways in which MS Access can help reduce an organization its data management problems is by providing a pre-built platform in which a data entry ...

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    The solution discusses how database management software helps organizations.