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    Advantages and Disadvantages Downloading from the Internet

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    Describing the steps involved in downlanding files and programs from the Internet. Include a personal experience in which you have downloaded freeware,shareware, or licensed software.What are the advantages and disadvantages of downloading software from the Internet.

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    - Users shouldn't have to buy shareware from stores, without knowing if the program is what they need.
    - Regular software programs have high prices, while shareware come at a very low cost.
    - Users are attracted by the fact that they can first try the software and if they like it they can pay a small fee and receive improvements.
    - It is easier and more efficient for authors to offer their programs as shareware, instead of investing time and money in selling it through specialized stores.
    - The delivery is instant.
    - There is no shipping cost.
    - Low overhead ...

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    The steps involved in downloading files and programs from the Internet are described. The advantages and disadvantages of downloading software from the Internet are explored.