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Computer networking has made some significant changes in all our lives. Network standards are essential in network communications. Consider your life today and how it would be different without networking and standards.
1. List and discuss at least three major ways your life has been impacted due to the ability to communicate over the Internet?
2. What specific network standards and protocols do you use personally when communicating over the Internet?
3. Which two of the many network protocols that you have read about this week do you think are of the most important, and why? Describe these protocols as part of your reasons for choosing them.

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//Internet has made life of an individual simple and easy as in this modern world communication has become very easy and revolutionized. The revolution in information, communication and technology has also transformed the way of communicating. All this has affected the life of an individual to a great extent. In this context, it will be good for us to shed light on the impact of communication through internet in different ways. //

Impact of Communication through Internet:

Today, internet has become an indispensable tool for the business activity. The facility of internet has helped in bringing the world together and closer. It has become very simple to receive the news from around the world in no time. Benefits of internet are countless; internet has made lives easy and comfortable by doing those tasks in minutes that used to consume a lot of time earlier. Internet has revolutionized ICT, i.e. information, communication and technology. The revolution in communication has impacted the daily lifestyle of an individual to a great extent (Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet, 2013). Now, communicating with someone has become very simple. Wireless connections around the world have helped in reaching loved ones in just a click.

No long bills: As long a person has an internet connection, he can stay away from long phone bills. It is not always possible to call someone, so by the way of instant messages, we can still remain connected without making calls. A person living in Rome can remain connected with his mother in China. Instant messages save a lot of time and are also fast means of communication (Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet, 2013). For messaging, being ideal is not required; one can do his work along with chatting. Internet allows talking for long hours without generating any long bill.

Casual communication: Talking on phone only allows hearing the voice of a person on the other side. The revolution that ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1206 words with references.

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