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The OSI data link layer is responsible for physical addressing, network topology, error notification, sequencing of frames and flow control. IEEE has defined numerous protocols used with TCP/IP at the OSI data link layer. They are called the IEEE 802 Standards. Choose one of these IEEE 802 standards and discuss with your classmates the types of network devices and media that you would use to implement the standards in your network. In other words, which network elements would be necessary for the standard you described? Which topology would be represented using these technologies? Finally, discuss collisions relative to this environment.

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//IEE 802.3 is a type of Ethernet that is based on local area technology and is related with media access control. It has wide application in businesses as it is used to connect various offices together. Here, we will discuss the type of network elements, media and topology of IEE 802.3//.

Enterprise Networks

IEEE 802.3 is regarded as a working group and a set of collection of IEEE standards, which are produced by the working group comprising the physical layer wired Ethernet related with media access control ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 341 words with references.

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