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    Computer System Implementation

    Evolution of healthcare informatics systems.

    Discussion of the evolution of a health care information system, such as order entry results reporting, electronic health record, office-based medical records, or others. Include the following: o Initial usage o Major changes o Current and possible future usage

    Data communications

    Why do people confuse the World Wide Web with the Internet. What clarification might be offered to clear up that confusion?

    Information system in health care organization that uses database

    identify and select an information system in a health care organization that uses a database. The application can be simple or complex, but it must utilize a database that is part of an overall system to collect, store, process, and disseminate information. In two to three pages, write a scholarly that clearly addresses the foll

    Create Alternative Design

    Create two alternative design strategies for a new system that has been proposed. The owner of two ice-cream parlors wants to computerize and integrate sales transactions and inventory management within each parlor and between both parlors. The systems at each parlor should be connected to each other so that the owner can de

    Define HTML, XML and Java programming.

    1. Define HTML, XML and Java programming. What is the difference between the three? 2. How are the HTML and Java programming languages affecting business applications on the web? 3. What programs are mainly used on the web for business applications? 4. Will it benefit or not benefit a business to use such programs? 5. Are th

    History of UNIX

    Write a paper on the history of the UNIX operating system and discuss how it evolved based on industry needs and requirements. Discuss the different features of the operating system as we see it today laying special emphasis on the need and utility of the VI editor. Use examples where appropriate.

    Software Engineering topics

    1. Why are additional personnel generally required during the later stages of system implementation? 2. What are the differences between documentation for end users and system operators? 3. How do training activities differ between end users and system operators? 4. List the types of documentation needed to support mai

    Architectural Pattern Discussion

    Compare and contrast two architectural styles. Consider their flexibility, how easy they are to understand and use, and the quality of applications they may produce. Discuss any experiences you have had using these patterns. How has your prior training and preparation influenced your evaluation?

    Mitigation and Risk Strategies

    Briefly identify and describe a mitigating strategy for the risks below: System access control (Authentication Issues) System development and maintenance (Coding Vulnerabilities) Physical and environmental security (Physical Threats) Computer and network Management (Network Issues)

    Important information about NAT and IPv6

    Discuss some of the problems NATs create for IPsec security. Can we solve these problems by using IPv6? Why deployment of IPv6 has been slow to date. What is needed to accelerate its deployment?

    Project Plan Outline and Work Breakdown Structure

    See the attached file. A nonprofit organization would like you to lead a Web site development project for them. The organization has Internet access that includes space on a Web server, but has no experience developing Web pages or Web sites. In addition to creating their Web site, they would like you to train two people on t

    Software Architecture: Connectors

    Discuss the large variety of different connectors. In what ways has the classification scheme affected your thinking on this subject? Do you feel it is useful to limit communications to the given patterns, or are there ways you like the scheme expanded? Explain your answer.

    Separation of Duties Using Role Assignment

    Setting security for each employee based on their specific role provides the tightest and most personalized security. The trade-off is the increased amount of administration effort when setting up the specific roles to use and the access permitted for each role. Keeping these details up to date can also be time consuming. You

    Security Issues for Websites

    Prepare a 3-4 page draft in which you examine server security policy recommendations for the NVCC bookstore Web site. Determine changes to existing security policies needed to make the NVCC bookstore Web site more secure. Your recommended policies should cover at least the following: * Environment * Authorization * Hardware

    Identify two differences between web design and object-oriented programming, and explain the limitations of HTML and why XML was developed.Based on the attached article "Web Design Programs and Tools" by Geoff Keston (2007), what are some of the web standards and protocols that one will see when XML is fully implemented?

    Identify two differences between web design and object-oriented programming, and explain the limitations of HTML and why XML was developed. Based on the attached article "Web Design Programs and Tools" by Geoff Keston (2007), what are some of the web standards and protocols that one will see when XML is fully implemented?

    Design a system for the organization of your choice.

    Design a system for the organization of your choice. This could be for a current or former employer or some fictitious organization. The system you design might be data storage, telecommunications, e-commerce, accounting information, manufacturing process system, inventory management, or some other approved system. You will d

    Computer programs and Program development

    · Computer Programs o Describe the three basic types of programming languages. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type. o Discuss possible reasons for there being so many different programming languages. o Describe the relationship between the computer program and how a computer processes a

    Help with Networking Question

    A small research company in Pittsburgh is working to develop a new method of mass storage to replace current hard drive technology. Four engineers and an office manager work there. The engineers are highly skilled professionals, and the office manager is a capable computer user. The company has an always-on Internet connection b


    1. what are the pros and cons of upgrading an operating system versus installing a new image of the OS? Describe some of your own experiences at work or at home? 2. why is the Hyper-V virtualization technology available in windows server 2008 and important resource for many business IT environments? What role does the SUSE v

    Considerations of Organizations

    I need help with the following questions: 1. Based on the article by Elmeleegy et al. (2007), why have some researchers recommended redesigning the Ethernet networking technology from the ground up? Why do the authors propose a new solution? 2. Based on the article by Que et al. (2007), what technology limitation is the fo

    Open Systems Interconnection Model (OSI)

    Explain the history and purpose of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. Describe when and why the International Standards Organization developed the OSI model. List the seven layers of the OSI model. The terms match that is attached is for reference. Thanks

    Database Questions

    1. Roach (2007) asserts that IT departments must work more closely with workers on the factory floor, breaking down barriers that have traditionally divided the two groups. The author suggests ways to do this. Discuss a potential challenge that this kind of collaboration might face and discuss a way of dealing with it. 2. Gol

    Design a database

    Details: Using the same organization you selected in the unit one individual project complete the following. One of the needs of your client is a database. In order to design a database, a database planner should spend a considerable amount of time thinking about what kind of information will be included in the database, a

    PBX and IVR Upgrades

    A Scenario Background: Minnesota Consulting Group The Minnesota Computer Consulting Group (MCC) is a 50-person consulting services practice focusing on telecommunications and systems administration that includes Minnesota offices in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester. MCG has had some business opportunities in Wisconsin

    Coding: Wirfs-Brock

    Based on the Wirfs-Brock (2007) article, discuss whether or not there is more to good design than beautiful code.